Kyouko & Kyousuke. I don’t think they’d get along but wwww
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Hyoubu shota ~ I was gonna do some group images but a-haha…. time and energy….. yeah… more birthday things ♥
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You’re going to smile, right.

More Hyoubu as promised. Yeahh, I don’t do comics for a reason sob…
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Speaking of favorite antagonist’s. It’s Hyoubu’s birthday! Or… rather tomorrow. But it’s already the 15th in Japan so. Yeah. Happy.. 80-whatever it is birthday, shousa!
Also a few fanart has the major with a scar on the back which I like (not that he needs even more scars… probably has more after the recent events even wwwww), probably because of the way it’s a definite acknowledgement of Unlimited if he had one, like Andy wearing his limiter on the volume 37 cover flap.
Probably more Hyoubu painty-doodly things right soon! So happy to see lots of art again for the anrimi tag at pixiv and from twitter crai. Even if it’s for this short while.
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I still wish I had a long black coat like you, boya. One of my favorite villians, and from a jdrama (Keizoku 2: SPEC, watching 1 is not necessary and has also has a couple of specials and movies as sequels) weirdly, Ninomae Juuichi. Self-proclaimed king. This is from the WIP a little bit back. Doll still isn’t finished but shhh.
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More lazy experimenting with coloring methods
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For a long time, I’ve wanted to draw Sophie with her book colors. And so, finally it actually happened. I was also experimenting with more coloring methods again though, so ah well…. 
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Was randomly drawing while I was stuck at a relative’s last night.
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I don’t really celebrate april fools but hey, it’s like 6 clamp character’s birthdays, as well as the hitachiin twins… and I sure a bunch of other people. The Weasley twins too I think… But Sakura (Kinomoto and not the trc ones www) is definitely a lot of nostalgia for me! ♥
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Finished the WIP from earlier.
So, we just gotta wait til magi has enough content for a third season right? I will be miss the anime, despite the low low quality there at the later end of the season…. during the most fun parts too… :’D Ah well.
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I have WIPs for weeksss. But sobbu, scheherazade blobby hug little titus blobby so cuteee ; A ; 
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